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E-Book Katarina's Guide to Western Dining Etiquette

E-Book Katarina's Guide to Western Dining Etiquette

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  • Easily downloadable PDF
  • 25+ pages of learning material
  • + FREE bonus: Tricky Foods

Embark on a 25-course tasting menu of knowledge that will transform you into a master of the art of dining. So when your next dining experience occurs, you will feel confident and maneuver through each situation at the dining table with elegance and poise.

Katarina's Guide to Western Dining Etiquette includes:

25 pages of Western Dining Etiquette from start to finish: 
Table seating
Table setting
Holding silverware
European vs. American dining style
Wine glassware
Holding a stemmed glass
Order of courses
Bread & butter
Digestif and much more!
+ FREE BONUS: Tricky Foods (oysters, caviar, shrimp & prawns and more!)

Total number of pages: 25 + 9 bonus pages.
Lifetime access. 
Unlimited downloads from 5 devices of choice. 
Delivery: accessible for download right after purchase. 
Delivery cost: free (this is a digital PDF product).

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