TRAVEL ETIQUETTE: 3 Airport Horror Stories ✈️

TRAVEL ETIQUETTE: 3 Airport Horror Stories ✈️

Dear readers,

Many people often ask me if I don’t suffer from a creative burnout and lack etiquette content ideas. This could be the case if all the ideas were coming strictly from my head, but fortunately (or unfortunately?) the inspiration serves itself on every step I take.

Just recently I took a flight and noticed multiple etiquette mistakes that I documented well so we can all learn from it. Fasten your seatbelts, dear readers, it will be a turbulent flight:

One common etiquette mistake is blocking seats at the gate with bags, especially during busy travel times. During my recent flight, many fellow passengers blocked not one but multiple seats with their belongings, causing other passengers to stand and wait for the gate to open. Remember, seats are for sitting, not for storing belongings. Be mindful of your fellow passengers and keep walkways clear to allow everyone to move efficiently through the airport.

Especially on long-haul flights, like the one I recently took, we tend to snack and drink often. That’s why the cabin crew walks through the aisle multiple times during the flight collecting all the waste. Yet still, many of my fellow passengers simply left empty bags of chips, chocolate bars or cans in the net on the seat in front of them. Leaving trash behind on the plane is not only inconsiderate but also creates unnecessary work for the cabin crew. Even if you don't see them collecting trash immediately, take a moment to gather your belongings and dispose of any waste properly before leaving the aircraft.

Placing shoes on seats is a major breach of etiquette, and yet, I saw it both in the gate waiting area and during the flight. Not only is it unsanitary, but it's also disrespectful to other passengers who will use those seats later. Keep your shoes firmly planted on the floor where they belong, and remember to treat the cabin interior with the same respect you would your own home.

Dear readers, I am a firm believer that with a little effort, we can create pleasant surroundings for both us and our companions, wherever we are. Just because an etiquette police who would give us a fine doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean we can treat the surrounding space or others with disrespect.

I wish you all happy, safe and considerate flying!

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