Why is etiquette still relevant?

Why is etiquette still relevant?

From everyday situations to formal dinners, in all circumstances we can choose to act with elegance and poise.
Etiquette goes far beyond than just table manners or a dresscode, it teaches us how to become the best, most refined versions of ourselves, all while being nice to others and the surroundings. 

Naturally, as the world is becoming more global and rules loosen up, even etiquette doesn't need to followed rigorously. Instead, it can be a wonderful set of habits that puts us at ease in any situation - whether it is an important business dinner, wedding invitation or a casual weekend stroll through the city. 

A common misconception about etiquette is that it makes their followers boring and stiff. However, the opposite is true. By understanding small, non-verbal signals from our surroundings and respecting others and the venue, we can be relaxed and much more confident, as all doubts and worries about what utensil to use or what to say simply diminish. 
Anyone, and I mean truly anyone, can refine their manners. Once mastered, they will become an automatic habit rooted in our subconscious. 

So to answer the question Why is etiquette still relevant today?, it is simply because as humans, we deserve to respect ourselves and each other. We deserve to honour venues and special occasions with appropriate dresscode or behaviour. And last but not least, we deserve to strive to be the most refined versions of ourselves.

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