Do NOT Make These 5 First Date Mistakes ❌

Do NOT Make These 5 First Date Mistakes ❌

Since my last blog post I have been riding this Valentine’s Day Etiquette wave and I must admit - it’s been quite refreshing. 
Today won’t be any different as I collected some of the most common first-date blunders that can turn a lovey-dovey times into the times of horror.

Whether you are planning on meeting someone new on this year’s Valentine’s Day or not, here are five friendly reminders to ensure your first date is a delightful experience for both you and your potential match:

We all have ways how to combat nervousness and for many, it is to take a shot (or two) of alcohol to pick up that courage.
Now, while it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy a drink with your date, getting overly drunk on a first date might not leave the best impression. Consuming too much alcohol usually results in oversharing, nausea and feelings of guilt the day after. Always opt for moderation, this way both you and your date can be fully present and enjoy the experience.

We all have a past and it is not something that should be hidden or sugarcoated. However, a first date represents a first moment when two people get to meet and know each other and dragging ex-partners into the conversation could be a potential mood killer, especially if we are not yet fully recovered from the previous relationship.
Save the in-depth discussions about past relationships for later dates. Focus on the present moment and the opportunity to get to know your date better. 

Clothes don’t need to be expensive or draped in designer labels to be appropriate for an occasion. What matters much more is that you put an effort into choosing your clothes appropriately for the venue, so your date can feel appreciated. 
Naturally, different clothes are required for a dinner in an upscale restaurant and for a walk in a park, but as long as you understand the venue and your clothes are clean, neat and well-put-together, you are on the right page!

While it's natural to have an idea of your ideal partner, launching into a detailed checklist of what your perfect partner needs to be can be overwhelming, insulting and disrespectful to your date. Instead, explore common interests and values organically. Let the conversation unfold naturally without turning it into a screening. 

In our digital age, it's essential to be mindful of phone usage. Constantly being on your phone can convey disinterest to your date. Keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode, and save those non-urgent messages for later. The real connection happens face-to-face.

First impressions do matter and we don’t always get a chance to fix our reputation, even if we made a mistake unintentionally. I hope by highlighting the most common first-date mistakes, I gave you some helpful guidelines on how to feel more at ease during those ''butterflies-in-the-stomach'' times. 

Wishing you a fantastic time on your upcoming dates!

Yours sincerely,


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