Avoid These Common Etiquette Mistakes

Avoid These Common Etiquette Mistakes

As human beings we are social creatures and every day we get to interact with various people in various situations.
Having a basic understanding of social manners can help us navigate through these situations with much more ease but also leave a lasting good impression.

Let’s look at some common social errors so we can learn how to mind our manners when it matters:

Consistently arriving late for appointments or gatherings shows a lack of respect for others' time. Being punctual doesn’t only show respect towards others, but also our commitment to the task. Because 
there is nothing fashionable about being fashionably late all the time. 

Speaking loudly in person or on the phone in public spaces, like restaurants or public transport, can 
disrupt others' peace. Not to mention the speakerphone - that would just make the whole experience doubly disturbing.

Simple acts of politeness, like holding doors open for others, saying "please" and "thank you'', or offering a seat to someone in need, should not be overlooked. Sometimes, 
the little things count the most.

Bringing up controversial or sensitive subjects in casual conversations or professional settings can lead to discomfort or conflict. We should always 
steer away from topics related to religion, intimacy or politics, unless we’re very familiar with the group. 

When traveling or meeting people from different cultures, open-mindedness and respect can go a long way. As there is no ''correct'' way of doing things, 
we should embrace diversity in social interactions as much as possible. P.S.: I highly recommend making research on social customs before traveling to any destination. 

Remember, no one's perfect when it comes to navigating social situations. We all have those oops moments, and that's perfectly okay. The key is to keep learning and striving to be a bit more mindful in everyday interactions. After all, etiquette is not about being stiff or perfect - it's about making everyone feel comfortable and valued.

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