Avoid These 5 Business Etiquette Mistakes 📝

Avoid These 5 Business Etiquette Mistakes 📝

Dear readers,

Let’s talk business etiquette! Chances are that most of you have sat down in a business meeting at least once in a lifetime, if not more.
I am one of those who has sat by a conference table and partaken in hundreds of meetings so far, which resulted in this not-so-nice list (all points were observed first hand).

So here it comes, the most common etiquette mistakes that occur in the conference room:

Hear me out, I know we are heading for a more and more relaxed working culture, but
making crunching and chewing sounds while others are speaking might not be the best impression to make.
Sometimes, the meeting organizer serves snacks and encourages the team to take a bite during the meeting. In that case, it is more than recommended to do so. But we should refrain from launching a solo buffet right on the conference table and instead focus on professionalism. 

Your smartphone is a powerful tool, but it can also be a significant distraction during meetings.
Constantly checking messages, emails, or social media not only signals disinterest but also disrupts the flow of discussion. Keep your phone on silent mode and stowed away to fully engage with the agenda at hand.

Every participant deserves a chance to express their thoughts and ideas without interruption.
Avoid interrupting or talking over others, as it not only undermines their contribution but also disrupts the meeting's rhythm. Practice active listening and wait for an appropriate moment to contribute.

While chewing gum might be helpful in many ways, it is best left outside the meeting room.
The constant jaw movement and smacking noises can be distracting and come off as unprofessional. Opt for a mint before the meeting instead.

It's natural to feel tired during long meetings, but
excessive yawning or appearing disengaged sends the wrong message. Make an effort to stay alert and attentive, actively participating in discussions. If you're struggling to focus, try adjusting your posture or taking a quick break to refresh your mind.

By avoiding these common meeting faux pas, you'll not only demonstrate professionalism but also contribute to a more productive and respectful meeting environment.

Yours sincerely,

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