Avoid these 3 Summer Etiquette Mistakes ☀️

Avoid these 3 Summer Etiquette Mistakes ☀️

Dear readers,

I know, I know. Astronomically, the summer season starts on June 21st only, but since many countries in the Northern Hemisphere have been enjoying true summer weather for some time, I believe this is the right moment for a little summer etiquette appetiser. More specifically, top 3 etiquette mistakes that are common during summertime:

Summer can bless us with pleasant weather but also with scorching heat way above our limits. But even if we find ourselves in the middle of a city that becomes a sizzling concrete jungle, even that is not the right place and time to strip the top part of our clothes away. This etiquette rule usually applies to men rather than women, because in many places it is illegal for women to walk topless (unlike men). Just remember, beach, pool or beach clubs are the only places where it is appropriate to walk shirtless and even there, if we decide to visit a beach bar, it is good manners to put a cover up on.

This has been a controversial topic that landed me an article in The Sun. But even after a year, my opinion remains unchanged. A hotel pool is an area shared by all the hotel guests. If we don’t plan to visit the pool in the nearest 30 minutes or so, reserving the sun beds with our towel is rude and disrespectful towards the other guests who might want to get some pool time right at this moment. In fact, some of you mentioned that some hotels have started removing the towels from visibly unused sun beds to make room for other guests.

In the summertime, beaches are highly-frequented places by many which increases the importance of mutual respect. Loud music, smoking in close proximity to others or leaving waste behind are all actions that affect others negatively. The easiest way to learn the dos and dont’s of beach etiquette is to ask ourselves: How would I feel if this was happening to me?

Summer is the season of holidays and as much as we all deserve some fun and relaxing times, let’s remember that good manners never go on vacation (pun intended) 🙂

Yours sincerely,


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