#14 ASK KATARINA: Is it rude to add salt to a dish in front of the host?🧂

#14 ASK KATARINA: Is it rude to add salt to a dish in front of the host?🧂

''Hi Katarina, I have a question. I was invited to dinner the other day and the food was great but I usually use more salt than others. I wanted to add some but then I got afraid it could insult the host? Thanks!''
F. V.

Dear F. V.,
thank you for your question!

I fully understand why this situation could confuse you and I applaud you for being considerate towards your host. However, taste is quite an individual thing, and just as you say, some people prefer more salt (or pepper or sugar) than others. Therefore, it is not a breach of etiquette to add a bit of seasoning on your dish, even in front of the eyes of the host. 

However, we should always be considerate of the quantity: using large amounts of salt or doing it multiple times during the course could send off a signal that the dish is simply so bland that it needs many rounds of seasonings. 

I wish you a beautiful day ahead, 

Yours sincerely,

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