5 Style Secrets I Wish I Knew Sooner 👠👗🧥

5 Style Secrets I Wish I Knew Sooner 👠👗🧥

Dear readers,

With the shifting seasons, many of us do a major spring cleaning in the closet with the pursuit of building a new, seasonal wardrobe. As exciting as it can be to replace old clothes with new exciting ones, oftentimes we forget going back to basics first. Because no matter how expensive a garment is, if it’s not clean and well-taken care of, it will lose its shine despite the price tag.
In today’s blog post, I put together 5 practical style tips that you can incorporate into your routines this season:

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to instantly upgrade your appearance is by ensuring your clothes are wrinkle-free. Investing in a quality steamer or iron can make all the difference. I always choose a steamer over an iron as the steamer is more gentle and can fit into the carry-on luggage as well. 

I feel like well-fitting strapless bras are very underrated. The main reason for that could be because it can be quite challenging to choose a strapless bra that actually fits without sliding all the way down to the stomach. But once you find one, it will be your go to no matter the occasion. I recommend choosing a nude colour over a black one as the nude one can be worn under both light and dark clothing. 

Beware, old knitwear might not be old, it might have just not been touched by a lint remover for a while. Pilling is a natural formation of fuzzy balls on wool or cashmere clothing that can be easily removed by a lint remover or - a DIY hack - with a razor. 

I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of clean, polished shoes. Just like with a steamer for clothes, a shoe care kit should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Not only do the shoes look much more put-together but we also prolong their life with proper care. 

Remember that the exciting feeling of buying new, trendy clothes can easily be replaced by a feeling of disappointment when we find out we have nothing to combine the new garment with.
Every time I am about to invest into a new piece of clothing, I ask myself: ‘‘Can I style it with most of my closet?’’ If the answer is a straight no, then I will leave it hanging. This way, I can save the frustration of standing in front of the mirror in the morning and feeling like I have ‘‘nothing’’ to wear. 

So my dear readers, I hope you will find my style tips helpful, practical and easy to incorporate into your daily routines not only in springtime yet all year around.

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