5 Etiquette Tips for the Thanksgiving Season

5 Etiquette Tips for the Thanksgiving Season

As the seasons shift, it’s time to come together, appreciate life’s blessings and dive into all the flavours Thanksgiving can offer.

To ensure your Thanksgiving celebration is not only delicious but also filled with grace, I've put together 5 easy-to-follow etiquette tips so you can navigate through the gathering with poise and elegance. 

1. RSVP Responsibly
If you receive an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner, respond as soon as possible. This helps the host to plan in advance.

2. Contribute Thoughtfully
If you’re attending a Thanksgiving dinner, it is very thoughtful not to arrive empty-handed. You can either bring a small gift for the host or you can contribute to the dinner by bringing a dish or a beverage.
Please note, always communicate the latter with the host, not to disrupt their menu planning.

3. Seat Your Guests Mindfully
If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, plan your table seating thoughtfully. The table will be the epicenter of the venue throughout the night, so it is vital to understand the different dynamics between the attending guests and seat them accordingly.
Please note, if you’re the guest, never attempt to change your seat or swap the seating place cards. It is disrespectful towards the host. 

4. Think of Dietary Restrictions
If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, always remember to ask your guests about their dietary restrictions and needs in advance. This thoughtful gesture ensures that every guest can partake in the culinary delights without concern.

5. Leave Phones Behind
Whether you’re the host or the attendee, encourage a deeper connection by declaring mealtime a device-free zone. One or two pictures for the memory archive are perfectly okay, but a night of digital distractions is not a night to remember. 

Be considerate of guests who do not wish to drink alcohol. Mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages have been rising in popularity and as a host, it would be very thoughtful to prepare a non-alcoholic alternative to the alcoholic beverages on the menu. 

This Thanksgiving, let's go beyond the traditional festivity and elevate our celebrations with acts of kindness, consideration, and genuine gratitude.

Wishing you all a Thanksgiving filled with warmth and grace!

Yours sincerely,

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