4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a New Pair of Shoes 👠

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a New Pair of Shoes 👠

With the upcoming spring (at least for those who live in the Northern hemisphere), I made an investigation into my closet and put away those 2 pairs of boots I rotated during the winter, and replaced them with the 3 pairs of spring shoes I bought a couple of seasons ago.

In today’s era, where fashion trends keep coming and going with a 24-hour frequency, owning just a handful of shoes might seem unfashionable and boring.
But let me share a secret with you - investing into a few, high-quality shoes with a timeless design does not only save you the headache of constantly chasing the newest trend but also puts you at ease when choosing what to wear. 

Just before the spring knocks on our doors in full bloom, I put together a list of 4 questions you can ask yourself before purchasing a new pair of shoes, so instead of a mindless trend pursuit, you build a versatile and elegant shoe wardrobe: 

1. What does my life look like on a daily basis? 
It might come as a no-brainer, but I’ve seen it too many times - people spending money on impractical shoes they
cannot use for everyday wear due to the shoe discomfort that doesn’t fit their lifestyle.
For instance, I am a huge fan of walking and I do that even when dressed in business attire. It doesn’t make a big sense for me to invest in a lot of pairs of very tall high heels if my aim is to walk in them for an hour or more on historic cobbled pavements. Instead, I like to invest in comfortable yet still elegant leather moccasins and ballet flats. 

2. Can I wear the shoes with at least a half of my closet?
Purchase behaviour is very much driven by impulses and companies know that very well. New shoe styles are being shown to us like the most appealing candy, just waiting for our wallets to jump out of our pockets. But there is not a more disappointing feeling than buying a new gleaming pair of shoes, just to find out the style doesn’t really fit with any of the clothes in our wardrobe. 
(This rule naturally doesn’t apply to occasion wear, where we might need a pair of beautiful high-heeled stilettos worn with a gorgeous gown.) 

3. What is the material composed of?
In the world where fast fashion has taken over most of garment production, it’s becoming more and more challenging to find a reasonably priced brand that also strives for high-quality. 
Personally, I never buy shoes that are not composed of leather or other natural materials. I simply know - and I learned this the hard way - that shoes made of fake leather won’t allow my feet to breathe and will never deliver the same level of soft comfort. Not to mention their short life span. 

4. Am I comfortable with spending more for less quantity?
This question might come out as baffling, but it is really important to be honest with ourselves and figure out how much trend-driven our personality actually is. I am a huge advocate for buying less for more (high-quality is a must here), but I also understand fashion is a form of self-expression and not everyone can settle for wearing the same 3 pairs of shoes on repeat. Some people thrive in variating their fashion choices, even if they are on a budget. In that case, I would recommend second-hand and thrift stores, where you can find true gems for less than a new pair would cost. 

Dear readers, choosing to invest in high-quality shoes in timeless designs is not just a matter of fashion preference but a smart and sustainable decision that pays off in the long run.
So the next time you're tempted by the latest shoe craze, consider taking a step back (literally) and opting for enduring quality that will stand the test of time.

Let’s step into spring elegantly and timelessly, dear readers!

Yours sincerely,

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