#4 ASK KATARINA: When should I place the napkin on my lap? 🤔

#4 ASK KATARINA: When should I place the napkin on my lap? 🤔

''Hello Katarina! Can you please explain the whole napkin thing? Some say you should put it on your lap when you start eating, others already when you sit down. It’s soo confusing! Thank you!''
N. T.

Dear N. T.,
thank you for your question!

I can imagine that the rules surrounding the napkin can seem confusing. In fact, the napkin seems to be one of the most feared items of dining etiquette, as I often receive many questions related to it!

Let’s debunk this topic once and for all. To answer your question, the latter is correct. The napkin should be placed on the lap right after sitting down at a table. The reason for this is simple - the napkin is there to assist you in blotting the corners of your mouth when eating or drinking, but also to protect your clothes should some unplanned spilling accidents happen. Any of the above-mentioned can happen even before the first course arrives as drinks or small appetizers/ hors d’oeuvre are served before any meal.

I hope I helped you to finally decode this mystery!

Yours sincerely,


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