#24 ASK KATARINA: Why is it rude to reserve sunbeds? ☀️

#24 ASK KATARINA: Why is it rude to reserve sunbeds? ☀️

''Hi Katarina. I saw your recent post about pool etiquette and you said it is rude to reserve sunbeds for long periods of time. But what if I then come and there is nothing left for me?''
H. J.

Dear H. J.,
thank you for your question!

My recent post about beach and pool etiquette did indeed stir up some attention as well as controversy.
As much as I understand that once we go on vacation, we wish the experience to be seamlessly perfect and not disturbed by any inconveniences, we also should take into consideration that other vacationers do think the same way. A pool or a beach are public places that are meant to cater to a wide group of people. When we reserve a sunbed without any intention to use it in the near future, we affect other visitors who might be ready to use the sunbed at that very moment.

It is the same principle as if we arrived to a restaurant, left our belongings at a table and took off for hours, expecting other guests not to occupy the table in the meantime.

With that being said, it is perfectly okay to leave a towel or some personal items (book, sunscreen, etc.) behind if we are planning to come back within the next 30 minutes, but blocking the sunbeds while spending a great deal of time somewhere else is rude.
After all, we wouldn’t want this to happen to us either.

I wish you a beautiful day ahead!

Yours sincerely,

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