#22 ASK KATARINA: Is it ever elegant to wear flip flops? 🩴

#22 ASK KATARINA: Is it ever elegant to wear flip flops? 🩴

''Hi Katarina, I have a weird question - is it ever elegant to wear flip flops?''

Dear F.,
thank you for your question!

Let me start with saying that no question is ever weird. It is always better to keep asking than keep on wondering.

I know there have been numerous elegant style videos made in recent years where flip flops were demonised for their overly casual look. I myself am not the biggest fan of flip flops as they can downgrade an outfit and they are also not particularly comfortable for a full day of everyday wear (as opposed to good quality leather sandals for example).

However, the easy way out would be to start labelling garments as ''elegant'' and ''non-elegant'' and blacklist anything that only slightly diverges from the elegant box. 

But in my personal opinion - and this might shock some of you - I do believe flip flops can be elegant ON SPECIFIC OCCASIONS. Those occasions being beach, pool or beach club visits. Yes, you can definitely opt for other open-toe sandals that fit the ''elegant'' box better, but flip flops on a beach are definitely not an etiquette or style breach. So perhaps it is the right time to rephrase the question and start asking WHEN are flip flops appropriate to wear rather than IF.

I wish you a beautiful day ahead!

Yours sincerely,

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