#19 ASK KATARINA: Is it okay to spit food out if we don't like it? 🤢

#19 ASK KATARINA: Is it okay to spit food out if we don't like it? 🤢

''Hello Katarina, I always wondered if is it okay to spit out food if you don’t like it?''

Dear S.,
thank you for your question!

The answer to your question depends on the context, but in general it is against etiquette to spit food out while dining.

We all have preferences of what we like and especially if we are served a dish we are not familiar with, we do run the risk of not liking it. However, the solution should never be to spit it out. Instead, start with a very small amount to taste the dish first so you don’t need to face the uncomfortable situation of being stuck with a mouth full of non-appetising food. It is not against etiquette not to finish eating the whole plate, so you can easily get yourself out of the situation by tasting the dish first and focusing on eating what your taste buds prefer.

With that being said,
there is one specific situation where it is etiquette-approved to spit food out. But this only includes non-edible parts of the dish such as a piece of fishbone or similar. If you happen to experience this situation, use your lap napkin to discreetly remove the food from your mouth. Fold the napkin carefully not to drop the food on the floor and place it back on your lap. Discretion is the key word here, so it is important to do this manoeuvre as graciously as possible without attracting too much unnecessary attention.
Just remember, we all experience these situations and there is nothing shameful about it as long as we handle it with grace and poise.

I wish you a beautiful day ahead!

Yours sincerely,

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