#15 ASK KATARINA: What NOT to wear to a wedding? 💍

#15 ASK KATARINA: What NOT to wear to a wedding? 💍

''Katarina! I have 3 weddings coming up this summer and I have no idea what to wear. Could you please help me? I won’t be a bridesmaid on any of them but I still don’t know what dress is appropriate. I hope you will respond! Thank you so much!''
G. H.

Dear G. H.,

thank you for your question!

Of course I will respond - in fact it is my pleasure to do so as you might not be the only one who might be experiencing this dilemma, so we can all learn from each other!

Weddings are beautiful events full of celebration, but I can fully imagine the frustration and confusion right before, if you yet don’t know what to wear! In the midst of endless fashion options that we can choose from, it might be difficult to choose an attire that is not only flattering but also meets the dress code requirements.

In fact,
the dress code is the key word here and this should be your guiding star at all costs. If the soon-to-be newlyweds put a specific dress code on the invitation, it is good manners to follow it.
Now, not all wedding invitations mention a dress code, and in such cases, the guests are free to choose their own attire, but - naturally - aligned with some clothing rules appropriate for weddings.

1. Weddings represent special occasions, so we should wear a more special attire than what we would wear on a ''normal'' day.
I recommend wearing a cocktail, midi or maxi dress. Alternatively, an elegant jumpsuit or pantsuit are also very good options. 

2. Don’t be afraid of colour! Summer weddings are known for their pleasant weather, so you can experiment with bright colours (beware, some colours are not suitable for a wedding attire - see more below).

Prints such as florals or polka dots are a very good choice, especially for summer weddings. 

4. As summer weddings can get hot, I would recommend choosing a dress in a light-weight material such as silk. There is nothing more exhausting than spending hours in a thick dress made of non-breathable material.

Formal shoes such as stilettos or block heel sandals are a way to go. Make sure to check the venue out beforehand, so you don’t have to tip toe on a grass surface with sharp stilettos. 

6. Your choice of bag should also be aligned with occasion wear.
The safest choice is a clutch or a small pochette.

Avoid wearing anything too casual such as shorts, beach dress, flip flops, tote bags or a straw hat. Weddings are special occasions and they deserve to be celebrated in a special way. 

2. Avoid wearing anything too revealing such as mini dresses or dresses with a deep cleavage. It’s important to let the newlyweds take all the attention, as we are there to celebrate them, not vice versa. 

3. Unless specifically requested by the bride, avoid wearing white or shades of white. This colour is strictly reserved for the bride as this is her moment to shine. 

4. If the wedding is traditional, avoid wearing bright red. Traditionally, this colour is seen as too sensual and in some cultures, wearing red symbolises that you might be romantically involved with the groom!

5. Despite many fashion norms being redefined, I would still advise against wearing black. In many cultures black is associated with mourning or sadness and those are not the feelings we wish to evoke on a wedding day!


I hope you will find my wedding attire tips helpful! I wish you all a joyful wedding season, hopefully without outfit headaches!

Your sincerely,


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