#13 ASK KATARINA: How to kiss someone's cheek? 😘

#13 ASK KATARINA: How to kiss someone's cheek? 😘

''Dear Katarina, I’ve always struggled with the kiss part in a greeting - how are you supposed to kiss someone’s cheek elegantly without making it awkward?''
N. G.

Dear N. G.,
thank you for your question!

Across many cultures, the cheek kiss is a common form of greeting, symbolising warmth, friendship, and respect, especially when greeting close friends and family members. However, it's crucial to note that the cheek kiss isn't an actual kiss but rather a light touch or brushing of cheeks.

So instead of kissing one’s actual cheek, you gently place your cheek against the cheek of the other person and kiss the air instead.
The number of cheek kisses varies a lot across the globe. For example, just in France alone, the number of kisses varies depending on the region!

I advise you to always research beforehand if you’re travelling to a country or region whose greeting customs you’re not yet familiar with. 

I wish you a beautiful day… perhaps filled with the perfectly rehearsed cheek kiss! 😘

Yours sincerely,


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